Why is it that when it comes to accessorising your home, all the larger items are always easy to find but it takes longer to find all the smaller accessories that finish off the room?

Like many people, we all decide to decorate a room, then maybe buy new bedding if it’s the bedroom or new cushions if it’s the lounge but when it comes to things like pictures, towels and rugs we never seem to get round to getting them!

Sometimes I think there is far too much choice out there (which isn’t a bad thing) but every time you look at another website you see something else you like and then you can’t make up your mind so end up not buying anything at all!

Personally, I think if you instantly fall in love with a colour scheme when you first lay eyes on it, then that’s the one for you!  Regardless if it’s a current trend or a bit of a classic colour, if you really really like it then buy it.

If you ask people, many will say they spend hours looking for a certain something but nearly always end up going back to the first thing they saw!