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Your Solution to Sensitive Skin

Ever left feeling disappointed with beauty products? Do you wish they would benefit your skin rather than make it worse?

If you’re one of the many people who buy lots of products in the hope they will find their ideal item, and waste lots of money in the process, stop right there! There may be a wonderful solution just around the corner.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser is a God send to anyone who has trouble with sensitive, highly reactive skin or redness, and also is excellent at calming the skin if you have rosacea. It easily wipes off or rinses away, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The cleanser can also act as a lip and eye make up remover, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Fruit extracts help promote healing while providing soothing properties to any inflamed skin.

With antiseptic and disinfectant qualities, it will soothe yet cure your sensitive skin and won’t leave it feeling tight or dry after the application has been made. Instead, cooling agents will help your skin be gently soothed, so you will feel good because you look good!

This is ideal for those of you who do have these troubling skin issues, because it must make it hard to carry out a good skin routine in everyday life. If your skin is so sensitive it cannot even tolerate water, this really is the best help you can get. If you would like more information on this topic, or any other products, please visit our Beauty Flash for news and Dermalogica reviews of the whole range.

There are many great face creams on the market but many people are unsure which ones to buy as many of them are fairly expensive.

Dermalogica is a popular range of products for both ladies and men and aren’t just the world’s leading professional skin care product line, they are a complete system for everyday treatment at home as well.

Using Dermalogica products doesn’t have to be expensive as there are many fantastic websites that offer cheap dermalogica products giving you the option to have the salon treatment in the comfort of your own home.

A popular product with the ladies is the Dermalogica active moist, which is also a favourite with actress and model Kelly Brook and TV presenter June Sarpong. It’s a lovely lightweight, oil-free lotion for daily moisture protection and provides effective oil-free hydration without leaving a greasy after-feel. It is also easy to apply and smoothes and helps improves your skins texture.

Dermalogica also have a fantastic shave range for men which focuses on delivering a maximum super-close shave while still ensuring your skin stays soft and hydrated. Choose the Shave Skin Kit and you will receive all the products recommended for a superior pre and post shave.

So when treating yourself to Dermalogica’s Active Moist why not treat the man in your life to a little something too!