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Party Supplies

Are you worried about planning a party and wondering how you will cater for everyone? Well, let your worries be taken care of by choosing a range of disposable party supplies online so you have more time to sit back and enjoy and celebrate and party with everyone else!

Planning can be stressful especially if you are planning a children’s birthday party where they want to invite their whole class as well as their friends out of school too.

Buying a complete range of disposable party pieces like paper plates makes the whole planning much less stressful leaving you to worry about what food to serve on the day! You can buy disposable table cloths to protect your tables, paper plates, bowls, cups and even serving platters to serve everything on.

Decorate the room with a range of coloured balloons and birthday banners too that can all be simply thrown away at the end of the party or kept and reused for another occasion.

Remember those all-important party bags too; as every child looks forward to seeing what goodies they have along with a slice of birthday cake. You can add balloons, bubbles and other party bits to the bags which can all be bought in bulk saving you money.

If you plan to organise your own party games, why not take a look at the different games available and to pass time, why not purchase a party piñata and fill it with lots children’s goodies and then watch them take it in turns to see who can make it explode all over the floor and grab all they can.

Buying all your party supplies online can really take the stress out of organising a party so you can sit back and watch the children having fun.

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Decorating The Bedroom

So I have finally persuaded my husband that it’s about time we re-decorated our bedroom. The walls are all looking rather dull and the woodwork, well; let’s just say it’s a rather “off white” colour!

When it comes to deciding on the new colour I have to admit that it is normally my choice of colour that wins whilst my husband has the joy of painting it on the walls.

We have had the colour aubergine on our walls for several years now and fancied something a little brighter. I really wanted pink as I have seen some gorgeous pink cushion covers and some beautiful new rugs to accessorise the room with but that was a clear and definite no from my hubby!

I do feel slightly outnumbered in my house with my two boys and husband and feel that the colour blue seems to dominate many of the rooms!

So the new colour to be is teal and can’t wait until it’s all done, when all the walls are nice and fresh and the woodwork is back to its nice glossy white colour.

I may wait until after the room is all decorated to drop into the conversation that I would like to change all the bedroom furniture too!!